ACTIVATION UI & HUD sound effects library released


The ACTIVATION Sound Library features more than 1,100 sounds.
The futuristic and electronic sound effects are especially useful when it comes to recording user interfaces (UIs), head-up displays (HUDs), games and video animations.


The ACTIVATION Sound Library offers 12 categories, granting easy access to a variety of sounds — alerts, beeps, bells, buttons, clicks, counter sounds and many more.

The sounds provided by the ACTIVATION Sound Library have been carefully produced, selected, edited and tested.


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Listen to the sound samples and learn more about the categories of ACTIVATION.

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Take a look at the detailed list of the ACTIVATION sounds.


UI & HUD sound effects library

The ACTIVATION Sound Library offers a great variety. The sounds are based on analog and digital synthesizers, guitar effects units, professional software as well as a modular synthesizer rack.


Find all the sounds of this demo in the ACTIVATION Sound Effects Library

1100+ sounds

48 kHz /24 bit


Over 1,100 sound effects subdivided into 12 categories!

Brilliant details thanks to a high sound quality — 48kHz and 24bit.


All sounds of the ACTIVATION Sound Library are royalty-free. They may be used for private and commercial purposes. To find out more about the terms of use: EULA



Take a look at the categories of ACTIVATION


1_Classic Clicks Beeps and Bells -  117 files.

The sound classics. This category includes various clicks, electronic beeps and bells. The UI sound design basics.


2_Effected Notifications 136 files.

The notification sounds are highly versatile. Incoming messages, the completion of (charging) processes, etc., reverb tails, echoes and other effects create a distinctive sound — intuitive and unique.


3_Confirmations and Notifications 103 files.

This category features soft notification sounds. They have a "dry" sound with minimal editing. The perfect basis if you want to further process the sound.


4_Electronic Beeps Tones and Bleeps 122 files.

Beeps and bleeps for input boxes and buttons. This category's sounds can be used in many ways. The selection ranges from simple to distinctive.


5_Futuristic Tones and Buttons 240 files.

This category holds an abundance of extraordinary sounds. It provides everything you need for a futuristic interface. Featuring stutter edits, robotic bleeps, futuristic buttons, short glitches, electronic chirping sounds and many more.


6_Alerts 28 files.

Attention, attention! This category includes sounds that warn the user and attract attention.


7_Negative Notifications 52 files.

The sounds in this category serve as an alert in case of an incorrect application. Discords point to an operating error.


8_Transcode and Data Processing 52 files.

Progress bars, data transfers and saving processes need sounds keeping the user's mind alert. Check out this category to find the right effects.


9_HUD_Navigation 59 files.

Navigating through different HUD setups can be a more interesting experience when being accompanied acoustically by zooming and swiping sounds. In this category you'll find everything you need for this purpose.


10_Counters 152 files.

Counters organized in 4 subcategories: fast, medium, slow and misc. The counter sounds come in various speeds. They include many continuous sequences of clicks and beeps as well as acceleration and deceleration sequences. These effects are great for making text entries audible, too.


11_Misc 63 files.

There's more! If you're looking for more than the usual UI sounds, this category offers just that. Including sounds for holograms, scanners, synthesizer pads, etc.


12_Combinations  33 files.

The easiest way to add complex sounds to your project. Some of the Library's sounds have been combined and edited with high-quality effects.


13_BONUS_Drones 11 files.

Drones are sounds that change slowly and almost imperceptibly. The consistent soundscape is a perfect fit for backgrounds. In this category, choose from 11 drones for your projects.



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I'm a TV post-production producer with 12 years of experience, based in Cologne, Germany. I'm also working as a freelancer, creating sound effect libraries tailored to meet the needs of motion designers, app developers, editors and other creative professionals.


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